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E27 Flame Lamp Bulb FL-01


- Advanced edition (multi- function): Live flame emulation effect, breathing mode and general lighting effect via your switch.

- Multi-function mode: Flickering mode--like moving flaming fire from the bulb base to the top; breathing every 3s-5s from light to dim and then cycle the mode; general lighting mode--stable lighting, fire color temperature

- True fire color & easy to control: Exact 1300K color is close to true fire color, not like so called warm white(2000K-3000K); Freely change the modes with a common on/off switch without special switch or dimmer

- Usage recommendation: To get better flame flickering performance, install this bulb in a frosted lampshade, lantern, salt lamp etc

- Bulb base: E27
- Voltage: AC240V
- Wattage: 5W
- Three modes: flickering mode, breathing mode, general lighting 
- Size: 6.5*14*6.5 cm
- Colour: Warm white only
- No warranty

Package Included:
1x E27 Flame Lamp Bulb


Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products